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Hanna Ashbrook is a songwriter in the purest sense, if you listen close enough, she will whisk you back into memories of passing cars, streetlamps, and that kiss you never quite could forget.

Her music is a mixture of folk & indie-pop - at times winsome, often melancholy, and always honest.  Her voice weaves stories and dreams, heartbreaks and fear, layered over carefully crafted instrumentation. Her songs are both deeply personal and exceptionally accessible. Universal.

Ashbrook has garnered consistent praise in her young career. Chicago music curator Music Means Family wrote of her, “[Ashbrook] is a stunning talent. Her voice wraps itself around you; it doesn’t let go – in that, she reminds me of Regina Spektor and St. Vincent. There is a sense if you listen closely enough, you might come to understand an answer to a question a part of you always knew you needed to ask. These are songs of midnights alone, half-drunk mugs of coffee, and the sweater from an ex you never did throw away. A stunning talent.”

Hanna has opened for acts including BOY and Lily & Madeleine, writes material for television (The Mindy Project) and commercials (Nutella), and most recently worked with Gwen Stefani on season 9 of NBC’s “The Voice”. 

It was on "The Voice" that Ashbrook met Chase Kerby, a singer/songwriter from Oklahoma City. They bonded over Jeff Buckley and quickly dove into creating her debut musical project produced by Kerby. After 7 months of flying back and forth between Chicago and OKC, her upcoming debut album is set to be released in 2017.


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